​Exclusive T-Shirt Designer for Harlem Smooth Movers    

Welcome to ogDesigns
For the last six years, ogDesigns have designed almost all Harlem Smooth Movers Shirts. 

We have designed all the HSM Party Fliers and exclusive designer for Harlem Salsa since 2007. 

ogDesigner has been in the Desk Top Publishing field since 1988. 


Our artwork covers four specific areas.  

Harlem Smooth Movers 
Soul Line Dancers (ing)
Specialize Design Service 

Welcome to the ogDesigns World of Glitter

Pick Your Glitter and T-Shirt Color

List Price: $35

Special Discount for those attending
HSM SLD Classes and Monthly Party
2x - 3x - 4x - 5x Add $5

Shipping:  $4.00  Anywhere in the USA
When Online Comes Available

Care Instructions

    Wash: Cold Water
    Drying:  Air  (No Heat)